Sunday, January 19, 2014


Creation Carvings has its own building for carvings to be produced in now! Getting excited about business growing I have thought a bit about craftsmanship in general. My thoughts can be found at my blog on the website: 

I have always appreciated rendezvous and traditional crafts created by hardworking men and women ever since my father started taking me to rendezvous and my mother encouraged me to learn crafts while in the boy scouts. There is not always big dollars to be made in crafts but the thought and time that goes into a craft often gives more to the crafter than the money anyway. I have often times had to stop while in the middle of a carving because of a spark of thought that needed to be nurtured while listening to the reading of Charles H. Spurgeon’s sermons. There are days when those sparks grow and burn the pride of my heart and stir me to change for Christ’s glory. Getting out and working on crafts whether it is pottery, writing, carving, woodworking, basket weaving or something else can be a blessing to the soul.

Not only are crafts a blessing for those creating them but the recipients of the crafts are also blessed. A person who receives a handcrafted item knows that it is unique and that emotion was put into the item. There is something about uniqueness that speaks volumes to man. This desire for uniqueness comes from the fact that each person is unique and created by a loving God; there are no machine produced people. Perhaps this is also why I enjoy creating things, because my God is a creating God. By His grace He has given each of us gifts to use to create our own works. What can you create this year? Perhaps it is not a craft, what about a friendship? Go create as our Father in heaven has created and may the Lord bless you richly.

David Egesdal 

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